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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of legal cases does Delk Law Firm handle?
Delk Law Firm handles all traffic and criminal matters, as well as real estate; wills and estate planning and management; Department of Social Services actions; adoptions; name changes; uncontested divorces; breach of contract; personal injury; and small business development and incorporations. We do NOT represent clients in contested divorces, child custody matters, medical malpractice, product liability, and other complex civil litigation.

How do I make an appointment to speak to an attorney?
To make an appointment with Joseph Delk, III, please call our office between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday, and speak to one of our staff members. To make an appointment with Joseph Delk, IV, you can book an appointment online through the "Attorney Profiles" link to the left. Alternatively, you can text or call him directly at 828-394-9811.

I have a speeding ticket; why do I need a lawyer?
While anyone has an absolute right to represent themselves in handling traffic and other criminal matters, the advantage of hiring an attorney to help is twofold: 1) most traffic matters, and even some criminal matters, can be handled by an attorney without your needing to be in court, so you won't miss work or have to travel to Caldwell County for one or more court dates; and 2) an attorney will know not only the direct consequences of a traffic or criminal outcome, but the collateral consequences as well, such as affects on license and insurance. An attorney can help navigate the BEST option for you, not just the quickest or easiest. If you handle a traffic matter yourself, you risk significantly increasing your insurance premiums or even a suspension of your driver's license.

What do your legal services cost?
Legal expenses generally are determined by the complexity of the issue and time expended by the attorney on achieving your goals. Depending on the nature of your legal needs, our firm offers 1) flat rate services, such as handling a speeding ticket, where you pay one amount and we take care of the matter without you expending any additional funds; and 2) hourly services, such as civil litigation, where you would be billed for the attorney's time in hourly increments. At the initial consultation at our office, we would discuss with you what the cost of the service would be, including court costs, fines, and other standard costs of legal services.

What payment methods do you accept and do I have to pay all at once?
We accept cash, money orders, cashier checks, and all major credit cards. For established clients, we will also accept personal checks. A payment plan can be discussed at your initial consultation. For flat rate matters, we require half the quoted amount paid before the file is opened and a general appearance is made in court.

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